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Our Company is totally attuned to the internet. We are emphazising especially on the development of websites. Therefore you can get everything from us which has to do with the internet, from fast and professional design of websites up to complex multi-language and multi-currency enabled shop systems including the integration into your stockkeeping software and billing system.

Because we think that this is not enough we would like to provide your website with the needed technical advanced and stable environment in form of a web hosting.

Don't hesitate to ask us for an individual submission. We are working as well for fix price projects as for an hourly rate. Naturally we are always available for you, fastest over the internet (how else can it be) via email to our postoffice.

Web Design

You have an idea? We will be happy to help you realize it. When you provide us with your thoughts about the content and goal for your website we will develop an individual design proposal. The professional processing or development of images and their preparation for the internet is as much part of our work as the browser stable layouting of your pages with XHTML and CSS. We accompany you from the first idea to the final release of your website.


Some examples can give you a brief overview of our work. Part of our business is the realization of intranet website which we unfortunately are not allowed to show. The focus of this work lies mainly on dashboards which enable a fast and easy recognition of the complex situation within a company.

Website of theMachinery Corporation, a chinese software development outsourcer.

Wetterdaten Anzeige The weather station data processing of the swiss grizzly website.

Website of the Mechanische Werkstatt Häusler, a swiss high precision mechanical tools factory.

Web Applications

One of our excellences is the development of complete web applications.

The web frontend development is mainly based on PHP and JavaScript and more and more on the Ruby programming language. Graphical content is generated using either OpenFlash Charts or pCharts, depending on the needs for the application.

Business Logic is normally developed in Java. Here we emphazise on development in an JEE application server environment. Also in this domain Ruby in form of JRuby is taking more place step by step because the development is faster and more flexible. For production operation we suggest the opensource application servers Glassfish or Jonas but we are able and willing to use any application server our customer requests. Bigger and more complex solutions will be realized using an Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with the help of an industrial strength Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and BPEL as language controlling the service orchestration.

For data persistency the databases MySQL and PostgreSQL are used, depending on the development focus. MySQL is the preferred database for all internet oriented applications like eShop's whereas PostgreSQL will be used where the focus emphazises more on the business application.


In addition to our main business we extended our portfolio with a web hosting service which we would like to offer on one of our servers which are located in a professionally run server farm in germany. This includes all advanced features like daily backups and failover which guarantee an uptime of more then 99%.

Further more we would like to offer an update service of your website. This service can be scaled dynamically according to your needs from simple updating some news on your webpage up to the complete maintenance of your eShop's product assortment.


We calculate the development of websites on the basis of 25,- Euro per hour. This is independant from the fact that the project might be offered on a fixed price basis. Our calculation will be layed open during the contract negotiation.

For the application development, where the application design depends very much on the experience and the implementation is strongly depending on highly skilled specialists we are calculating with an average hourly rate of 60,- Euro per hour. During the contract negotiation we will provide you with short CVs of the involved staff members to enable you to estimate their experiences and skills and see which role will be applied to them within your project.

The price for professional hosting of your website starts with 10,- Euro per month. Please request a quotation because we would like to offer a bundle price which includes the design and implementation, the hosting and the following continuous update support of your website.

All prices are displayed exclusive of the current VAT.


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